B-TRUST Company profile

The WINTEC group (including B-TRUST andWINTEC ) is a leading manufacturer of planetary extruders in China. It is founded by Mr. Liu Duanzhang in 1990 and is well known as “The first and best manufacturer of planetary extruder in China”.


WINTEC is a highly innovative science and technology enterprise which is a blend of research and development, manufacturing, sell and service of plastic extrusion machinery. Due to 26 years continuous researching and development of HTplanetary extruder, B-TRUST now has the most patents and best technology in China.

The main products of WINTEC are: HT planetary extruders, GHT strainers, DHT single screwextruders and now the unique energy-efficient, high performance and high capacity complete planetary extrusion line for plastic sheets/films is around the corner.

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Our vision

To be a trend setter and a technology leader of PVC extrusion machinery industry.

Our mission

To provide more valuable services to all of our customers!

Core value

Integrity/Reliance/ Unity/ Creation

Our attitude

Create excellent design, pursue exquisite workmanship, devise ingenious tooling,pledge scientific testing


Duiring the 26 years, B-TRUST has been specializing in researching and developing planetary extruder. We keep innovating and inventing new technologies, now weown most patents of new technologies in China, and advanced technologies in the world. And the technologies are constantly optimized and upgraded based on our rich practical experience of numerous customers.

The founder of B-TRUST      

                                               –Mr.Liu Duanzhang

The founder of WINTEC  Mr. Liu Duanzhang was the researcher of China Ministry of Aerospace Industry, he had been engaged in aerospace industry for 30 years, and won the Order of Merit for his outstanding contribution to the development of aerospace.

Mr. Liu Duanzhang is the first person who developed the planetary extruder made in China in 1990s, under his leading, the astronautic spirit of “To climb the peaks of science and technology, surpass advanced world levels.” is implemented in every process of our production and works. 

Because of our high and stable quality in 26 years, Wintec becomes the leading company of planetary extruder in China!

History of B-TRUST

In 1990

Our founder Mr. Liu Duanzhang researched and developed the first spare parts of German WE240 planetary extruder, ended the China’s history of importing planetary extruder and the spare parts.


We repaired ZSE150 planetary extruder for Foshan Zhenxing Plastic Co.,Ltd. After we repaired it, it was used for 10years.


In these years, we developed HT140, HT150,HT170, HT190, HT200, HT220, HT240.

In 2000

According to customer’s request of producing magnetic card and Christmas tree leaves, we developed high wear resistant planetary screws, it benefits in it’s long life and energy consumption saving.

In 2008

We made a break though in the research and development of super wear resistant planetary screws, life is much longer than before.

In 2009-2015

We developed new modes HT260,HT280 and HT400, it benefits in it’s high capacity, and it is designed with big gear screws thus a very good plasticizing effect.


Our R&D team is keeping researching anddeveloping new product, a special planetary extrusion line is going to put into production.


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