Research and development

B-TRUST owns unique and strong researching and developing ability, the HT planetary extruder owns the top quality in China and advanced quality in the world. We have achieved many patents in the area of planetary roller extruder machine, now we are ongoing developing and testing new equipment by means of our strong research strength, welcome to visit us!

•Unique researching and developing technology
•Strong R&D team, it includes more than 10 experienced engineers and researchers
•26 years rich experience of researching, developing and manufacturing
•Professional engineers for supporting to solve processing problems for our customers
•Be able to developing and manufacturing custom machine
•Europe state-of-art machining equipment and technology
•Machine deviation is almost 0.001~0.009mm
•Planetary screws and cylinder are made of German high quality raw material
•B-TRUST special heating treatment method that makes HT planetary extruders much longer life than traditional heating treatment planetary extruder

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