HT280 planetary extruder

  • Product description:
    • Perfect plasticization effect

    • Good self-cleaning property

    • Long service life

    • Low operation cost

    • low accessory ingredient cost

    • Energy-saving

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    HT planetary roller extruder has more than 26 years history, and it is innovated by WINTEC(B-TRUST)every year with new technology. The central part of the planetary extruder is an WINTEC planetary gear with a scientific tooth width and a 45° helix.

    HT planetary system consists of one central spindle and planetary spindles, a cylinder and a barrel. At the rotation of the central spindle, the planetary spindles are rolling around the central spindle and the cylinder while rotating themselves like planets. During the process the materials are dispersed, mixed, sheared and plasticized homogeneously by the planetary system. HT planetary extruder performs at least 10 times better plasticizing effect and homogeneity compared to the twin-screw or single-screw extruders with the best plasticizing effect, homogenization and dispersion technology on the planet for soft PVC, rigid PVC, semi-rigid PVC products.

    According to the various products requests, WINTEC has designed many different models planetary extruders. HT planetary extruders have outstanding advantages of long life, no fish eyes when produce rigid PVC film such as rigid PVC shrink film, pharmaceutical blister packaging, membrane sheet and super wearable and very long life when produce high filler products such as Christmas tree leaves, magnetic cards, cooling tower sheet. HT M2 planetary extruders are specialized in producing soft PVC sheet/film such as crystal clear soft PVC sheet.

    Wintec(B-TRUST) is keeping developing innovations to provide you better technical and economic advantages.

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