HT planetary M1

  • Product description:
    • Long life planetary screws and cylinder

    • Super wear resistant planetary screws andcylinder special for high filler product

    • Matching with German’s planetaryextruders

    • German high quality raw material

    • Specially heating treatment makes screwsmore durable

  • Model
  • Specification
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      Planetary spindles

      Main spindle



      Feeding shaft

      Feed hopper

        • Perfect plasticization effect

        Pvc powder will be ropy strip material in pretty good plasticization through preheating, softening,cutting and extruding by plasticizing section,not need to destroy the original characteristic of material,it can produce variety of rigid,semi-hard,soft pvc adhesive plaster with high quality. 

        • Good self-cleaning property

        No need to take apart the machine to clean up when produce different colors pvc sheet,just stop feeding,let the screw operating in low speed for a while,the material stock will be extruded.

        • Long service life

        Under regular service,carefully maintaining,and white clear pvc sheet production,the service life of three major components is beyond 3 years,the longest is 10 years.

        • Low operation cost

        Although buying planetary extruder is expensive, compared with other types of extruder which are also produce sheet and soft film in same specification,it can save energy in 20%,and with low bug,low waste of powder when it is in operation.

        • low accessory ingredient cost

        Because of the larger contact face inside,the planetary extruder has the best heat exchange effection,it can shorter the material detention time after be fused, so the factory will reduce the cost of additive largely,also lowest the use level of stabilizer and lubricant.

        • Energy-saving

        We made a breakthrough in the research of “Super wearing screw rod” according to the clients’ requests of producing printable flex,pvc magcard based material, Christmas leaves and pvc wood grain film bottom,the screw is in super-wearing feature and long service life,it also in energy saving,we already confirmed this during production.We will find out scientific data through comparative trial to introduce to our clients.

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