planetary spindles German steel

  • Product description:
    • Long life planetary screws and cylinder

    • Super wear resistant planetary screws andcylinder special for high filler product

    • Matching with German’s planetaryextruders

    • German high quality raw material

    • Specially heating treatment makes screwsmore durable

  • Model
  • Specification
  • Images

      Planetary spindles

      Main spindle



      Feeding shaft

      Feed hopper

      M2 planetary part is delicated to produce soft PVC sheet.

      Length of planetary spindles can be custom designed according to the product formula.

      Planetary screws are processed by state of art Europe machines.

      It adopts German technology and upgrade by B-TRUST new technology.

      It processed by B-TRUST unique heating teatment thus the more wearable and durable screws.

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